Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Sweet Signs of Hope

A few weeks ago I was honored when another amazing mom blogger asked me to write about our story for her weekly series called, "Friday's Sweet Signs of Hope."  The series features a new story every Friday where a parent writes about their family's journey through autism.  From the point of diagnosis to where you gain your hope and dreams for yourself, your kids, and your family.  It's an amazing series and an amazing blog!  To be truthful, long before I had this blog, I read Chelsea's blog, Where did the Bird Go...  This blog, as well as Autism Daddy and Our Adventures with Riley is where I starting learning so much about autism and life after diagnosis.  It was my constant talking about these blogs to my husband that he finally encouraged me to write one too! (If you noticed too that this blog, and the other two I mentioned have been on my blog roll since day one!) So, when she asked me to write our story, again I was delighted and jumped on the chance!

The story I submitted is very different from the ones I post on this blog.  For one, I just our son's name, and you will see pictures of him.  For my husband and I personal reasons, we decided in this blog we would not use any names or pictures.  But for Chelsea's blog, I wanted to help her show the true faces of autism and help her bring awareness to all the hope that is out there from moms, dad, teachers, etc!  I wanted to highlight my son in how I really see him, and our journey so far in this process, and to do that truthfully, I needed to use his name and show is adorable face!  I then ask that you please visit her site and read our story....Friday's Sweet Signs of Hope: Ross

Thank you!!!!


Charli Wainscott said...

Beautiful story Lisa! Beautiful little boy! Thanks for sharing!

@dkotucker said...

Thank you for sharing a piece of your world! I enjoyed getting to know your R...cutest.kid.EVER!!! (M too).

Thanks also for the mention and the smiles I get from reading your blog! D

Chelsea said...

Thanks again for writing y'alls story! I don't know what it is, but there is something so therapeutic about making friends who can empathize completely with our situation. So thanks also, for being an empathetic and supportive friend. Even though our friendship only comes through social media. I will take it any day;)