Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Saga of the Traveling Coffee Cup

No autism tonight.  This post is a good ole' woman vs man vent about coffee mugs of all things.  You would not believe how many times this conversation comes up in this house.  Coffee is a staple, plain and simple. We drink it all the time and take it with us everywhere we go.  So when one of us goes to grab a travel mug from the cupboard and there are none, tempers flare and words are exchanged....all love of course.

Let me first take a step back and explain something about my hubs.  Because of his bipolar, there are days where he is just a little more on edge then others.  He does his best to keep it together, but if something pushes him over the edge, well then sometimes the unexpected happens.

Take for example one fine day when we were out shopping.  It was before the kids, even before the marriage and we were out Christmas shopping. It was a cold December day and I had taken a coffee mug with me to get my morning dose of caffeine.  The mug I took was my favorite mug.  My life long friend made it for me in a pottery class she took in college and I used it everyday. 

Let me break the story once again to explain something else.  I have a horrible habit of not finishing my drinks.  I begin to drink something, get distracted and leave my cup/mug/bottle laying around.  Hours may go by before I realized I lost my drink and I go back looking for it.  Unfortunately, there have been many of times that my lost drink has gotten spilled for this reason or that.  The cat knocked it over on the coffee table, you move the laptop and hit it, or say when you get into the car you bump into it spilling all over your pants.

Okay, so it is a bad habit to leave half empty (some might say half full) mugs around like a trail of bread crumbs everywhere you go.  I admit it.  And yes, I too would be upset if when I got into the car I spilled semi-warm coffee down my pants making it look like I peed myself while out Christmas shopping.  I get it, I really do.  So, when he got upset grumbling about my bad habit I let it go in one ear and out the other, starting the car up and driving to our next destination.  When I looked over to see how bad the wet spot on his pants was, I busted out laughing.  I couldn't help it.  I know its childish, but it was just so funny.  Well, apparently my then finance did not think it was that funny, because next thing I knew, the passenger side window was going down and my favorite coffee mug was flying out of it landing somewhere on Interstate 70.  No words were exchanged as I longingly looked for my mug in the rear-view mirror.  It wasn't until we reached our next destination did I say.  "I really loved that mug."  His reply, "I really love dry pants."  And the saga began.

I few days later, I found a traveling coffee mug on the kitchen counter.  I took it as a "I'm sorry, use this in the car" small apology/hint.  From there we have been adding to our traveling coffee mug collection but unfortunately when we add some kids to our pack a new problem occurred.  I started leaving the mugs in the car.  I know, I know...another bad habit.  But I just honestly run out of hands.  By the time I get the kids in, the diaper bag, my purse and usually some bag of groceries or toys or something, I just down right forget the mugs.  So then, when the next day rolls around and my hubbie goes to grab one, there are none there.  So then he mentions there are no mugs and I reach right into my back pocket and bring up the mug toss incident.  And the saga continues. 

Of all things, coffee mugs.  We bicker/joke over coffee mugs.  So we have finally found a solution...disposable coffee cups.  Yes, it might have taken eight years for us to finally figure it out, but when we spotted them we both laughed and threw them into our cart.  His response, "Now don't go getting attached." 


ellen mislo said...

Oh Lisa that was a wonderful story ,, really enjoyed reading it.

Lisa Lohr said...

Thanks!!! Bri and I were laughing while I was writing thinking of the other mugs that took a whirl either out the back door or from the car window. It was a fun story to write from that perspective!