Wednesday, January 14, 2015

You have a what!?!

A lot has happened since I last posted. Our oldest started kindergarten, our youngest had four teeth capped thanks to his love of eating rocks, and I am once again a stay at home mom. All these things were actually good if not great things that have happened, although they all came with a fight. It was a tough decision for me to once again leave my career, but it was undoubtedly the best decision and has been great for our family to have mom back to themselves.  And for our oldest, his "new" school has been AMAZING!  I'll write about that another day, because for this post I have to vent about some thing far more important.

Yesterday, Miss Nicole (therapist) and I were sitting in the living room letting my oldest decompress from his arrival home from school. It usually takes him about fifteen minutes to get adjusted to the change and then he is ready to start his home routine. (If you disturb before get ready for being told how stupid you are and you might want to duck from a flying object as well!)  During his sitting time he looked at us and stated that he had "big news" to tell us.

Now let me just say that the fact he wanted to TALK was un-flipping-believable!  The fact that it was juicy gossip for a gossip deprived mommy was all the better!  So, I was all ears and Miss Nicole was in as well. He started telling us about a boy who ran from his classroom. "Oh no," I said, "That's horrible!"  He continued on by saying that there were two new humans in his class and one has a big belly with a baby boy inside and that they were there to help his class even though his friendd didn't want new humans.

He talked for about five more minutes, telling us how he was sad for the boy who ran from the room down the hall and that he was sad because the boy wanted his mommy.  Now, to your typical parent you think that this is just a cute story and that's that. If you are an autism parent, you are on the floor shocked at the fact that, MY SON SHARED EMOTIONS!!  That's right, not only did he talk freely he also said he was sad. An emotion from my son. Holy cow!!  What an achievement. Nicole and I were estatic and elated and congratulated him for sharing and talking to us. The whole time as high fives were being passed from Nicole and I, MY oldest was looking at us like we lost our minds. 

"Umm, that's not my big news", he said. What?  What could top this?  What could possibly be more shocking then sharing a feeling!!!  Nothing, not one single thing, except for the next sentence that came out if his mouth.

"I'm a boyfriend to a girl."  I kid you not I sat down. "Your a what?"  "I'm a boyfriend. Like a girl kissed me on the shoulder and told me I'm her boyfriend and I said yes."  "SHE KISSED YOU!" I said in a not so supportive way.

Now let me just say that inside me I had a battle going on. One side of me was excited that he was being social and letting some one sort of get "close" to him. The other side was wondering who was this little six year old tramp that was trying to steal my baby away. I mean really, I have to bribe him for kisses!! 

So I kept it cool and just asked how it came about and if she was pretty and all the normal questions. I took a stroll out into the kitchen for a few breaks to laugh and cry as he continued talking about her to Miss Nicole.  When he was done, I did have a low point when I pointed out where I was still his top love, and don't forget it. (Don't judge, I'm a little attached to my boys.)  But all in all I did well, and when he shared his news with daddy, a proud supportive smile spread on his lips. "Way to go dude!" He said in his manliest macho tone.

So there it is, my son has a girl friend.  I thought I was prepared for all the stuff you should expect when starting kindergarten. I was ready for the IEP meetings, for the letters stating check your kid for lice, and even for the homework and tears, but I forgot to prepare for one big thing!!  GIRLS!! 

But to be honest its a pretty sweet thing not to be prepared for!! 

*Please excuse any typos. I'm on my Phone due to an autism tantrum vs laptop. I'll Let you conclude on who won the battle.  :-)

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