Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's...Nurse Jeremy!

This is the comic Jeremy gave to my boy!
***Update:  Jeremy was found hours after posting this!  Thank you so much for your shares and your comments on Facebook!  Jeremy and I have been in touch and I am happy to report that the three of us will be getting together soon!!!******

People ask me all the time what is the boys' "thing." That "thing" would be what they obsess on, or have a compassion for, or have a knack at doing.  To be honest, this question makes me laugh more than any other question.  I think it is a horrific question to be honest.  What I mean is I think of it this way;  everyone has a "thing."  Have you ever met a girl/boy enamored with horses?  Talk about obsessed, those guys eat, drink and breathe horses.  Or comic book peeps?  How 'bout them Walking Dead fans?  (You know who you are!!!)  I have literally sat while two people I loved talked for hours about the show.  HOURS!!!!  So my point being, we all have that thing.  The difference in my eyes is that people with autism don't care enough about social interaction to trump their "thing" and so seemed a bit more fixated than others.  They don't stop what they are doing to say hi, when others would.  But alas, I'm asked this question at least once a week.  So, here's the short answer:  Oldest superheros, youngest trains and,   (bio, geo, chem of course.)  But the other day, I was asked this question and was so surprised at the turn out that it has forever changed my outlook on how I will go on viewing this question.

Okay folks, get out the tiny violin, because here's my sad story.  I was hospitalized a few weeks back due to some issues.  Nothing serious, but I was in there for a good week.  No fun at all.  (If you ask my oldest he will tell you (like he told his whole entire school) that I was in the hospital because I pooped my pants.  (Which isn't too far  While in there, I had a night nurse named Jeremy who was a shy, quiet soul and sweet as could be.  One night while Jeremy was doing his thing on my IV and arm, I was talking to my oldest on the phone.  This is a big deal, because my oldest HATES the phone.  He talks to no one and so for him to give me a few seconds of his time for a cuddle-craving-stage-five-missing-her-kids-mommy was epic for me.  I didn't get to talk to Jeremy while he was in the room, so when he came back in I explained my rudeness and why I didn't acknowledge his presence.  We got to talking about the boys and he asked THE question.  I saw his face immediately light up when I said superheroes and he sat right down in my visitor's chair and we began to talk up a storm.

Turned out, Jeremy's "thing" was superheroes too.  He, in fact, loves Superman, like my dude does.  He gave me so many awesome tips and advice on comic books, video games, appropriate movies to watch and everything in between.  I mean we literally talk probably longer than we should, but it was an instant connection of souls between my oldest and Jeremy without my oldest even being there.  Before Jeremy left my room, he said, "So your son doesn't have any comic books?"  I said, no and explained that I really wasn't sure what to get him.  He said, "I'll bring him one tomorrow" and with that was off for the night.  

Now, people say things all the time.  They really do, so I didn't put much weight into him really bringing back a comic, but I still told my son anyway about this really cool nurse and his love of Superman.  My son thought it was "cool" and so drew Jeremy a little note that said, "Thank You Geremy" and a Superman drawing.  Now the thank you was for being my nurse, because I didn't mention the possible comic coming his way.  He just wanted to thank "Geremy" for taking care of his mama.  

Now you probably already realize that Jeremy came with a comic or I wouldn't be writing about this, so yes, that night at 11:00 Jeremy walked in with a sealed comic book!  It was so sweet.  I gave him the thank you card, which he stated would immediately go on his refrig (which in our house is the highest honor for art work!)

The thing is, this was a really nice act of kindness.  But it was more than that.  I saw Jeremy as this guy that could really connect with my kid.  He likes superheroes, he said people think he  acts like Sheldon from the "Big Bang" as well, and many other things.  I just really wanted these two to meet.  I know for a fact Jeremy could keep up with my son's level of excitement over the heroes.  In essence, I wish I got Jeremy's info so those two could communicate even one time to broaden my guy's social horizon.  To let him see someone else who loves the same "thing" as him.  

And so, world wide web and social media, help me out!  Please share this story with everyone you can to find Jeremy!  I know he works on the 7th floor of the Mon Valley Hospital, Mon Valley, PA.  My oldest would love to thank him in person maybe over a hamburger, and of course with mom by his side.  And to Jeremy, if we never get to meet but you somehow here about this: my guy loved the comic!  He looks at it everyday and it has a permanent position on his end-table in the living room, where he keeps his most prized treasures!  Thank you so very much for your kindness!

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