Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Please Pick the Next Blog!

My husband and I cannot decide the next post.  We both have our favorites and are holding firm in our choices.  If you would be so kind to settle our fight, I would be very grateful. Please pick a post that you would like to read.  I threw in a extra wild-card pick just for fun as well.  If you would be so kind to scroll down clear to the end of all posts, at the bottom of this site you will find a box where you can vote on the next post.  The poll will end tomorrow at 6:00 pm, EST, so please vote before then.  We are settling this fight, new school style, through social media.  This is a big thing for my hubbie since he just got a smart phone last week when he decided to join the rest of the world.

Also, you might notice some additions to my blog.  I was tagged for the Liebester Award by another awesome blogger!  My Adventures with Riley tagged me and I really appreciate it!  Thanks again for that!  Also, I was picked up by an Advertising Agency for ad placement!  This is super cool and completely unexpected.  I thought it was a joke or scheme at first until I checked tit out and found out they were legit! Hope you don't mind the new additions and I hope you continue to keep reading my postings!  Trust me, I will keep posting since there is never a shortage of material in this household! 

Hope all is well with everyone and don't forget to scroll down and vote!  (I'm gonna win by the way! I know it!)

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@dkotucker said...

Since Riley is a Shrek fan...hopefully it was your favourite. ;P

PS Thanks for the mention.