Friday, January 18, 2013


My aspie is so smart. I will probably continuously say this throughout all my posts, mainly because every day he surprises me with his intellect. This really is a problem though. I know that I should not admit this, because most would be embarrassed to say this, but my 4 year old is smarter than me. He outsmarts my hubbie and I all the time! It's horrible. Just when we think we are on top of things he throws us some smarty pants comment and we stand there like two bumps on a pickle not knowing what to say. How could this be so? I mean, he's four. But I have come to realize he is four in physical size but not mental size. Mentally, he has the knowledge of a 89 year old.

Tell me what you would have done in this scenario. When we are driving in the car, I have the horrible habit of throwing my trash, be it candy wrappers, bags, or coffee cups on the floor of the backseat. My logic was that the boys were going to through their stuff down there as well and I just clean it all up together. Well, not too long ago, I was driving along when all of a sudden my aspie threw an apple core up front hitting the dash board and dropping to the passenger side floor. I yelled, "Hey, what did you do that for?" He replied as calmly as possible. "Mommy, you throw stuff in our space all the time." Touché son, touché. 

Here's another time that my hubbie and I were in a big conundrum. We always spend Christmas Eve at my in-laws and all the cousins are together. This year, Santa's sleigh just happened to "break down" on their roof. Since Santa was stuck there waiting for the elves to fix his sleigh, he decided to come in and give each child a toy. It was amazing. My boys loved it. My baby was waving and smiling so big. My aspie, who generally speaks to no one and never ever allows for anyone to touch him besides my husband and I, went nuts with excitement. He asked Santa so many questions about his reindeer and his sleigh. HUGGED him three times and HELD his hand almost the whole time he was there. I cried. It was the best Christmas present I have received, ever. To see my boys so happy and just loving Santa on Christmas Eve was amazing, breathtaking, and awesome. After Santa left, it was time to go to get the boys to bed. We get home, sure that my aspie was going to rush to bed because Santa told them to get to bed early. Well, after our normal twenty minute bed time routine, instead of my aspie rushing to his room, he went downstairs and sat in the rocker chair. My husband and I tucked in our baby then went downstairs to see what our 4 year old was up to. When we asked why he wasn't in his bed falling asleep he said, "I am waiting for Santa to come." We said, but no, don't you understand? You have to be asleep before Santa will leave your toys. My aspie responds, "Well, I wasn't asleep at Nannie and Pappy's house and I got a present." And there we were, standing there like ding-dongs, trying to grasp at straws as to how that was different from the present. But son, that is not how it works.  Remember the song, “he knows when you are sleeping, he know when you’re awake.”  No luck.  Santa and him were friends and hence throw the old rules out the window. Everything we thought of still didn't trump his reasoning. So, we sat and waited for Santa until the Sandman threw us a bone.

I have always thought of myself as a pretty intelligent chick. It wasn't til I was humbled by my son on many occasions that I realized intelligence isn't just a grade on a report card or your job title in life. It's how many times you make a person thirty years older speechless feeling like a knucklehead. For times like these, I just have to laugh.

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