Thursday, April 18, 2013

What the hell...

What the hell has been going on these last few days.  This week seems to be so backwards, upside down, and crazy and I just don't understand it.  Is there a full moon?  Did someone put an extra dose of crazy in the public water?  Are the celestial bodies miss-aligned?  I have to wonder because not only is the world going crazy but our kids are too!  I swear to you something is going on....

To start my aspie has had a few rough days.  And when I say rough, I mean the not sleeping, not eating, hitting what ever would come close enough to let him, biting, screaming "I had enough" so many times that it was like nails on a chalkboard, and crying kind of days.  Luckily, these days have become few and far between, and he seems to go in and out of it quicker than pre-therapy days, but the days he is feeling like are hard on all of us.  (It's crazy because he seems to be okay at school and at therapy, but the minute he comes home or even on the way home it starts.)  I had a feeling it was coming because my husband went away of a short fishing trip.  This little change in my aspie's life is huge to him.  The whole time he was gone, he honestly didn't seem like it affected him, yet when my husband came home....holy hell.  Life was a mess for a few days. I thought well, here we go the after math from his trip, but then I get to therapy on Monday and every kid in there was going insane!  They were all crying, hitting, screaming, not doing what they were suppose to, and every parent/caretaker and therapist had that oh my gosh what is going on look on their face.  I don't think anyone else noticed that other people's kids doing the same thing because they were all concentrating on their own.  I walked out of there thinking, I swear something is going on.  Not two minutes later, I get Tweets about the Boston bombing, and my heart sank.  What in the world???  The world is going nuts!

On top of it, I can see my husband struggling the forces within him too.  He will not say it, but I can tell in how he is walking, talking and acting. It's like watching Luke Skywalker fighting the forces between good and evil.  (And I am sure this is not the correct way to say that to all you Star Wars people out there, but you know what I mean.)  All I can say is walk towards the white good force honey, but if the dark takes over...go fishing. 

The baby, the BABY is not even his normal self.  I say that especially now that he is currently in a diaper only, holding raw Ramen noodles in each hand (because it is the only thing he will not throw across the room), using his heels to spin on his butt around and around and around in a circle.  Does that seem normal to you?  It doesn't to me since this is the first time he ever done it.  He has been so mean lately, and honestly hasn't stopped pooping since Monday!  Not diarrhea, just poop.  From where its coming, I have not a clue because the little shit hasn't eaten well since Monday either.  I think the world's evil might very well be getting cleanse through my baby's bottom.  Who knows...

Even my car can feel and decided to not to allow me to unlock the doors and to not allow my drivers side window to go up nor down; therefore, not allowing me to go through Starbucks and get a Earl Gray Tea Latte without looking ghetto by getting my order through the ole' open the door and grab method. Yup, even my car.

And so I declare enough.....ENOUGH!  If you are a mean, heartless, negative, jerkoff that would like to hurt innocent people, say mean comments, or put judgment on everyone else please STOP.  You are throwing off the good karma of the world and I am suffering for it.  If you are the type of person who wakes up mad in the morning and make us all suffer for it, go back to bed.  Again, the negative energy you are putting out there is hitting me smack dab in the face.  Please stop.  If you are a witch that has mother earth in the clutch of her hands and is squeezing the good juices out.  We get are all powerful and please return us to the good=bad scenario.  And if this could all be done before the weekend....I would really appreciate because I want to have a nice one with my family...who's with me!!!!?????

***I know I am not the only one with a crazy week and although I am ranting here yet again, I understand that I at least have my loved ones to hold and hug.  My heart goes out to everyone in the many places that have lost loved ones in recent events, both US and worldwide.***

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