Friday, May 24, 2013

Run, Run, Run we Go!

My aspie loves to run.  He has since he could walk!  He can run non-stop for hours, and I am not exaggerating with that.  Many people have commented on seeing my son run that they had no clue that a little one could run the way my guy runs.  It nothing more than remarkable.  I still don't know why he loves it so much, whether its the freedom, the burning off of energy, the whooshing of air over his body, or blocking out the rest of the world, but it does something to him that makes him go, and go and go. 

The other day, while we as a family were out taking a stroll, my aspie and I started to run.  During the run I had two ideas pop in my head.  1.  I have got to get into shape!  2.  We should have a 5K race in honor of my big boy!  The next day, I pitched the idea on Facebook and after getting a great response a charity was born.  With five other awesome women and my husband, we have created a 501 (c) 3, non-profit charity called:   Ross-s-Run!  We will be holding a 5K race, 5K walk/run, and a kids fun run were all proceeds will be going to the purchase of iPads for children on the autism spectrum.

If you are not aware, iPads are an amazing tool for children on the spectrum.  Children who cannot talk can use an app on the iPad that allows them to tap a certain button and speak through their iPad.  Children like my son who have Asperger's can learn how to make eye-contact and learn other social cues from other apps.  Actually, there are so many educational and autistic apps out there that most therapists, teachers and families have started using them with outstanding success.  For more information please watch the video below.

And so, I wanted to announce the launch of Ross-s-Run  tonight on this blog!!!  Please visit for more information about the event, about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish, to donate (if you don't live by us in the beautiful Southwestern, PA area), to find the application if you would like to apply, and to learn about all the other fun stuff that we will being doing on race day!!  We are also on Facebook at if you want to stop by there and throw us a like!!  The more people who learn about this, the more money we can raise and the more families we can help!!!! 

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this blog.  It always amazes me how many people read it from all the countries around the world (I'm up to over 40 different countries!)  When more information comes available about Ross-s-Run I will post it under my normal blogs post to keep everyone informed!  Thank again!!

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