Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why clean....it's pointless.

This is going to be a short one, but one that I think about each and every day I live.  Why in the hell do I clean?  Honestly!?  Every morning I pick up the kitchen, put away toys, vacuum, and do laundry.  On given days I dust this room and that and none of it lasts for more than 5 seconds!  That's it....I am NOT joking.

Today, I almost lost it.  Well, actually people might have thought that I did because I posted a free ad on my Facebook page.  As I was starting my routine in the kitchen I kept hearing this clinking noise.  The noise was the kiddos breaking Christmas bulbs and they took them off the tree and then threw them back at the tree to see if they could hit and then break the other bulbs.  I lost it!  "What are you doing!!!???" I yelled as I watched the baby throw a bulb and my aspie jumping up and down and yelling, "Good Job!" to his little brother when one of the bulbs on the tree broke.  "Not a good job", I announced.  "We don't break the bulbs. They can cut us and plus then our tree will not be decorated.  How will Santa know we are sincere?"  (From my older post.)  "Mom, we are having fun.  And besides, we can just buy more bulbs at the store where we got these ones from." 

I immediately grabbed my phone and posted this to Facebook:

FREE to a good home: two over excited over zealous toddlers who are cute but tons of trouble. Little one will eat you out of house and home and big one will out smart you on a daily basis. Beware no return policy and cuteness is deceiving. Contact immediately if interested!

I did have some takers but no one has stopped to pick them up yet....

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