Thursday, July 31, 2014

One little, two little, three little chickens. ..

After 35 years, I still need to wear a dunce cap every now and then.

As stated in the last post, this has been the summer of unfortunately situations.  Everywhere we turned, in every part of our family, our lives have been touch by bad news and bad vibes.  To say the least, its weighed on us all and affected us all.  If you are a family member reading this, you know what I'm talking about.  If you are a stranger out there in cyber world, all I can say is cancer, alcoholism, mental health issues, autism woes, teenage pregnancy, and just plain ole' bad luck wrapped in a perfect lil' package, tied neatly with a bow, was throw at us and exploded in a matter of months.  (And there was no receipt to return this nice gift....I looked.) We are surviving, but boy it has not been fun.  And when you are down on your luck, you start to look at things in a whole new light.  If you have been  down this path then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Those moments when you look out at the world and wonder why everyone else is moving along like nothing happened, when your whole world just got turned upside.  Those moments when you wake up in the morning feeling okay until you remember the event/s that just happened the day before and your stomach drops yet again.  Those moments that just take time to heal and that supposedly make us better people in the end.  These are the moments that make you slow down and analyze life in general....and makes you say hmmmmmm.

During those hmmmmmm times, I decided that I needed a hobby.  Something to take my mind off of everything.  And after some soul searching I found just what I was looking for...chickens.  Yup, chickens.  Bet you couldn't have guessed that one, it was a shock to my family to say the least, but it was exactly what I needed. And who knew how amazing they could be? They are something that are mine (although my oldest also loves them and takes care of them), something they makes me laugh (seriously, these girls are hilarious) and something that provides a need (eggs anyone).  And while this blog is also my hobby, I am not forced each day to take time out to write on it, where as if I don't take the time to feed and nurture my flock, their feathers will get ruffled in not so nice a way.  And so everyday, I have to do my hobby.  I have to stop from the crazy and go outside, in the fresh air and take care of my chickens.  And so far its been awesome and I would recommend to anyone in a slump or going through a rough patch to pick up a hobby.  And although I highly recommend chickens....they may not be for everyone.  And as I sit outside, even now, enjoying my one hobby and watching my other hobby peck away, it makes me think of what other things in life could be simpler.  More enjoyable.  More peaceful.  More....well hell, fun!     

We all sort of put fun on the back burner when life gets crazy,  but fun is what reminds us who we are,  what we live,  and what life is suppose to be like.  Look at little kids.   They run around life happy and having non stop fun,  because they are not weighed down with all the shit. And so when life gets crazy,  I'm going to go out have some fun, change my life to make it better and then make an omelet in the morning. 

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@dkotucker said...

Good on you for taking time for yourself!! I hope things have settled some for your family. Sending positive thoughts your way. Take care.