Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When life throws you lemons the size of watermelons.

I haven't written in a while.  Actually,  a very long time.  Life got too complicated and to stressful to even get a chance to vent or rant.  I have been lost in a sea of stress and overwhelming dread and when life seems to throw these watermelon sized lemons at me I know one thing. ... it's time for a change.

I've always believed that the world seems to send you little messages when you are doing the wrong thing.  Drive to fast for too long and you pass a really bad accident that makes you pause. Next,  maybe you get a ticket to warn you to slow down.   Keep if up and you will probably wreck..... life warned you.   Well my life seemed to be speeding by to fast with my family nearly being the victims in a horrible stress filled accident.  There have been many,  many tickets along the way that I sort of brushed off until the big one hit a few weeks ago.  Will I share,  maybe when the times right but what I can say is that the heard you universe loud and clear.

And so it's time for a change.   Details of that to follow soon.   Many more posts to come as well.  And trust me. ...I have some doozies.

Hope I haven't lost to many readers in my absence and hope this post finds you well!   Keep checking back for the house of crazies will be returning shortly!

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