Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When Nature Calls

We have all been caught in a situation where nature calls and there is no place to answer.  I have had many close call situations over my years and can remember times when I just couldn't make it.  It happens.  Well, nature called my aspie last month in a parking lot and daddy figured out how to avoid a crisis with some quick thinking. 

As mentioned many times previously, potty training was not something that came easily to my four year old.  Even now, if he is not having a good day/days, we have accidents.  And currently he is stuck on only going on our beloved "froggy potty" which is a training potty that we have in our living room.  Well actually, that's not the whole truth exactly.  He can poop in the upstairs "big" toilet and will pee in the downstairs froggy potty.  He will not do any other combination in any other potty.  For instance, if he is in his bedroom down the hall from the big toilet he will by-pass the Lighting McQueen potty in his room, skip the big toilet and race downstairs to the froggy potty in the living to go, and vice versa.  The other issue is that he does not want to stand to pee at home or really anywhere else that is not outside.  Therefore, my husband taking him to public restroom is a no go because the site of a urinal panics my aspie and he would have to stand to pee.  So, even though he is going on the potty, we still have many more obstacles to overcome.  One of those obstacles was overcome one weekend when I ran into a store.
When we are out together as a family, sometimes one of us adults runs into a store for a few quick things while the other sits in the car with the kiddos.  On this venture, I ran into a store and left daddy to fend in the car.  When I returned to the car and opened up the hatch to unload my loot, my aspie was standing in the middle of the back seat with a big smile yelling, "Mommy, guess what....I peed in a bottle!!!" 
"So, I hear my son peed in a bottle," I said as I took my place in the driver seat.  "A yeah, we had a desperate moment," and my husband began to detail the moments that occurred while I was in the store.  Apparently, not two seconds after I left, my aspie announced that he had to go to the potty.  The baby was asleep and my husband didn't want to wake him up to take him into the store.  There was also no woods or grass around to let him pee outside, so as he saw that there was not too many choices on how to help our son out.  He spotted a bottle in the back and well, as "they" say....the bathroom gods answered his prays.  My husband then explained to our aspie that he would be peeing in this bottle since they were stuck in the car.  My aspie said, "Ahhhh no daddy, that is not a toilet, that is a bottle for drinking."  "Yes, that is true, but sometimes we need to improvise in an emergency like now.  So you will just pee into it."  "How?"  "Just pee into the hole."  "No."  "Son, we have no other options, pee in the bottle.  It's pee in here or have your bladder burst.  Your choice."  "So he did it, I'm assuming, I said"  "Uh-ha, so don't take a swig of this ice-tea...." as he lifted up the once empty, now-filled bottle like only a proud father could stating "...and he did it standing up."
A few days later, I completely had forgotten about the car incident but hid the froggy potty to try to get him to pee upstairs in the big potty.  My aspie came running to the kitchen about mid-morning asking for a bottle.  "Why do you need a bottle?"  "Ah mom, I have to pee and the froggy potty is missing.  Sometimes we need to improvisize mommy," repeating his daddy's words.  "Honey, go pee upstairs in the big potty.  You can pee up there and you are NOT in an emergency like the car."  "Says you......"  as he marched out of the room.  I declared uncle a few hours later and un-hid the froggy potty after he didn't go in the big potty, since I didn't want him to get a bladder infection nor did I want to clean up an accident.  Good news was that we did conquered the obstacles of peeing in other places besides in a froggy potty and standing while peeing, well that is, if we carry an empty bottle with us.

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