Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You're breaking my nerves!

At the beginning of summer, I declared this summer as the "Summer of FUN!"  For the last few years, we stayed home due to our aspie having such a hard time out in strange areas and around people, but with therapy and being a little older he has shown so much progress that I decided that this summer was going to be different. And so far it has! We have been to two Pirate (MLB) baseball games, to Kennywood (a local amusement park), to the movies and out to eat TWICE!!!  Oh yeah, we have been setting the world on fire.  I have been so proud of my aspie who has done amazing on these adventures, and even though we have some minor meltdowns, for the most part he has concurred these events having tons of fun in the process.  The baby and daddy are also enjoying these fun filled days and as a whole we have had so many memorable family moments.  Of course, by laws of physics for every action there a equal and opposite reaction and Sunday we cashed in on the bad moods and meltdowns!

Everyone knows that when you are around the same person all the time that person for what ever reason gets on your nerves.  You basically just overdosed on the person.  It happened all the time when I was a kid.  I will always remember my good childhood friend who I played with all summer long.  She grew up in the same neighborhood as me and our moms were friends.  We got along great, but every once in a while after spending the nights and days together, we would get in an all out battle royale and need to be separated for a while, only to go back to playing great the next day.  Same thing with your significant other.  Every once in a while their very being is aggravating and you swear they are just breathing weird to get under your skin. Therefore, I shouldn't be surprised that every once in a while our family is going to have one huge meltdown where none of us like each other and the day will be filled with tears, yelling and the occasional bloody nose.

My first hint that the day was not going to go well was when I awoke with a hit in the forehead with a bottle by the baby as he yelled "Milk in!"  And don't think he threw it lightly...oh no!  It was a holding the nipple end hitting me on the forehead with all his might type of hit.  Needless to say he lost the bottle and did not get the milk that he demanded.  This of course led to screaming and thrashing about on the floor for at least ten minutes.  This loud meltdown brought about the waking of my aspie who marched in holding his ears yelling, "Make the baby shut up!!!  What is wrong with this baby?!!"  When the baby didn't stop at my aspie's demands, my aspie went into his own meltdown of screaming and throwing until I had to carry him out of the room.  I was hoping that this would be end of their crying, but I was wrong.  As the morning continued on, the boys were at each other's throats.  One hitting one, which lead to one pinching one, which led to one biting one and so on and so on.  By nine o'clock in the morning I was sick of yelling their names, putting them in time out and hearing the sound of my own voice.  Unfortunately, all of the fighting put my nerves on edge so when my husband made a comment about wishing he was on a remote deserted island I jumped down his throat as if he just called me some horrible name and started an unnecessary war with my hubbie.  And so by 11 am, no one in the house liked each other and the rest of the day was really no better.  After some naps were had and we were a little calmer I thought that maybe we should salvage the day and so my hubs and I came up with a plan that would sure smooth out the bumps and bruises earned earlier.  Our plans were to take the boys to the nearby high school, let them drive their Lighting McQueen car around the high school, go for a walk and end the night with Dairy Queen.  Sounded perfect.

Now is the time for everyone to guess what happened.
  1. We went on with the night and had an amazing time coming home hand in hand in Leave it to Beaver manner.
  2. We started the night perfectly and ended it with the kids falling asleep on the way home with only minor set backs.
  3. Tears started before we left which led to more kicking and screaming and ended with mommy rocking uncontrollably in a dark corner.
 If you chose option 1 or 2, stupid you and stupid daddy and I for thinking it would have went any differently.  Here's what happened.

We got to the high school and got out Lighting McQueen only to have our aspie cry that he couldn't drive him here.  It was not the right race track and no one else was racing.  Concentrating on our aspie I didn't notice that my baby had performed some sort of magic trick with his diaper.  Somehow, his diaper miss every ounce of poo that my baby had just dispensed sending it down his legs and into his shoes.  Unfortunately it was a little loose because I had just found this new fruit called Pluots (plums and apricot mix) which the baby loves but it gave him a little bit of runny bowels.  So as hubby tried to get aspie calmed down I was trying to undress and clean the poop bomb that went off in my baby's short.  By the time I was done with getting the shorts and shirt off of him, he had poop literally everywhere since he kept grabbing everything in the process.  I'm sure the guys playing street hockey loved watching me wiggle and scream "Oh god this is disgusting!" as I wiped him down with every wipe I had in the car.  Luckily I had a plastic bag that I used as a decontamination dump and after a new diapy was applied we headed off to find daddy and aspie who had started to walk around the high school.  They must have took off at a fast pace because after a full half mile lap around the school we still didn't find them.  The whole time the baby was yelling, "Daddy where are you?  Daddy come out?"  hoping to find them hiding behind every tree and waste can we passed. After he couldn't find them he decided the best way to get there attention was by throwing himself down on the ground and releasing a deafening scream.  And actually it did work because out came daddy and aspie wondering what was happening to the baby.  After a few more laps, my aspie had to pee.  Daddy took aspie to some nearby trees to do the duty.  In the meantime, I found some blackberries that I was picking for the fam and didn't notice that the baby had made his own discovery.  A huge mud puddle that had formed for our daily thunderstorms that we have been experiencing.  By the time I made it over, he was sitting in the middle so proud of his discovery covered in mud.  Knowing that I had used every wipe for the previous explosion of poop I let out a oh crap groan and then started to laugh.  My little guy was so happy to be covered in mud and look so cute which is what saved his buttfrom me have a nervous breakdown on the spot.  When my husband saw him he laughed and said, "Load em up!!!  We are getting out of here."  After undressing the small amount of clothing the baby had on, I grab a towel that was in the car and plopped the baby in his car seat.  My aspie hating smells kept commenting that the baby smelled like a toot and his normal "what is wrong with him" comment.  Leaving the high school I was determined to carry out every task we set out to do so I headed to the Dairy Queen to get us some ice cream.  On the way, our aspie couldn't take the smell and threw something at the baby which cause the baby to cry, actually it was more screaming.  By this point, I had lost it.  I was getting ice cream and that was that, and this was going to make them happy, case closed.  Instead, what happened was me screaming over the baby to place my drive thru order, then my husband yelling at everyone to calm down because people were looking, which cause me to yell "Who cares!", which cause my aspie to lose it yelling to us about how we all are "BREAKING HIS NERVES!!!"  "Followed by "YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT FAMILY!!"  By the time the nice attendant handed us our ice cream everyone was screaming or crying and my aspie was continuously chanting the previous stated remarks.  She gave us this glad I'm not you look and hurriedly gave me my change.  As we drove away, our aspie yet again yelled "You don't know about family!" which led my husband to now lose it.  "Listen here buddy, your mother and I created this family and we can end it just as quickly if you don't stop it!"  Funny now, but at that moment it calmed us all down.  The next statement that he made announced for me to go to his parents house for some help with the troops.  When we pulled in, aspie headed for the house to go to "his room" where he watched some movies, hubs headed up on the hill for some quiet time, baby headed for his pappy to get some snuggles and I sat in the car like some kind of shock therapy victim.  My mother-in-law not knowing what just pulled into her drive way walked up and said "Ummm, you okay."  "Yep, I'm just going to sit here and eat my ice cream if that's okay." 

And that's pretty much how our day ended.  We broke aspies nerves and he decided to spend the night at pappy and nannie (which means a few extra hours without us because he never makes it all through the night), the baby clung to pappy until he pretty much fell asleep in his arms and the hubs and I kept to ourselves. 

After we got home and got the kids into bed, my husband came into the living room laughing.  "What?" I said curious.  "Can you believe that kid said we don't know about family and that we are breaking his nerves?  Where does he get that stuff?"  I laughed.  I too was wondering the same.  I guess not all days are going to be filled with rainbows and butterflies but I sure hope that we have a long break before we have another day like that...I don't think my aspies nerves can take it....lol!

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