Sunday, July 21, 2013

What movie is THAT from?

UPDATED  - Answer to movie quotes are down below!

KFC Commercial
Quotes from movies are a part of everyday life with our aspie.  He says them when he is not sure of what to say.  He says them when he is tired.  He says them when he wants to be funny and tell a joke with the rest of us, and he says them when he gets extremely nervous, angry or scared.  He slips them in seamlessly and so well that many people don't even know.

Since we record many movies directly from TV instead of buying them, this means that he also knows many commercials and quotes too.  For instance, the other day after therapy my aspie said he was very hungry.  I cashed in on this since I have such a hard time getting my aspie to eat.  I hate fast food since I love to cook and would rather cook instead, but in this instance I needed to grab this opportunity before it passed.  Therefore, I stopped at the closest joint to us at that time...Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Lately, they have been advertising their new boneless chicken meals during one of my aspie's new favorite Pixar movies, Up.  On our drive home, after my boys had finished munching down their boneless kids meal buckets my aspie blurts out, "Oh no! Stop!"  I thought something bad had happened, so I immediately get panicked and said, "What honey?  Are you okay?" as I start to pull over the car.  "I ate the bones! I ate the bones!" as he looks through the bucket for these missing bones.  I look into the backseat at my aspie who has the smallest smirk on his face as he repeats the line from this KFC commercial.  "Honey, you didn't eat the bones they are boneless," knowing that if I finish the commercial line that makes him happy and he will usually stop repeating himself.  "Then he is breathing on me!' again another line from the commercial as he busts out laughing.  I couldn't help but to laugh as we continued on our journey home.

What is so cool about the quoting is that if you ask him what movie that it is from he will tell you exactly what movie that the line is from.  His dad and I are very amused by this because even we are sometimes stumped as to whether or not the words are his own or they come from the films.  During one argument he was having with me, (yes, my aspie argues with me like your typical four year old) my aspie said, "Shut your hole, you are not going to say that again!"  Furious, I sent him to his room for time out, without TV or electronics like the Kindle or the phone.  After time out was done, my aspie came downstairs and my husband explained to him that we do not talk to mommy like that.  When he was done, he said to our aspie, "What movie was that from anyway?"  "That was from Rossy, not a movie!"  and stomped back upstairs being mad that Daddy didn't realize that those were his own words. 

When I was thinking about this quoting I thought it would be fun to do a test your knowledge of movie quotes with some of our son's favorite quotes that he uses daily.  If you haven't watched DreamWorks or Pixar movies in a while this might be difficult, but try anyway.  Have fun and comment how you did at the end of the post! You can even add some quotes and I will see if our aspie knows them and comment back.  G-rated, animation movies only, please!  Just match the letter in front of the movie quote with the number to the right movie.  I will post the answers in a few days.  Have fun!!! 

Answers posted in the blue next to the  quotes.  Hope you had fun!

A.               "Root'n Toot'n Ready for Shoot'n" --> 1.      Wreck it Ralph
B.                "I'm just going to wait here to see if I get a card from that little red-headed girl.  Boy I hope I get one." --> 8.      Charlie Brown
C.                "It looks like we're up a chocolate creek without a popsicle stick." --> 7.      Shrek 2
D.               "I guess I will be a lone, lonely, loner."  "That's a lot of aloneness."  "Precisely!" --> 4.      Ice Age:  Age of Dinosaurs
E.                "No... no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is bad, this is very very bad, this is really bad... They just can't get my nose right!" --> 3.      Tangled
F.                "You are a toy!" --> 9.      Toy Story
"There are no accidents"  "Schadoosh" --> 10.    Kung Fu Panda
H.               "Freeze Ray!"  "OH Yay!"  "Dave, Listen up please !" -->  6.      Despicable Me
"All right, it's go time, it's go time...."  This is a hard one so I am throwing in an extra quote.  "Oh, the gods hate me! Some people lose their knife or their mug. No, not me! I managed to lose an entire dragon!" --> 5.      How to train your Dragon
J.  "No flying in the house!"  --> 2.      Bee Movie










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