Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do you know the purple panda?

Given that tonight is Oscar night, I thought that I would share my little man's most famous motion picture with you...The Purple Panda movie.  Have you seen it?  You might have, it was a video illegally shot at the daycare he use to attend that went viral in less than 24 hours.  It is hilarious and I nearly peed my pants when I first saw it. 

Let me explain a little more about the situation.  My son, who never really talked about his friends all of a sudden kept talking about this one girl who he said was his girlfriend.  He would look in the mirror each morning and make sure he liked the shirt he was wearing that day.  I couldn't understand his sudden interest in fashion but then one day when I took him to school this little girl ran up to him and said, "I like your shirt" took his hand and walked away.  Big deal because again my son is not a big people person.  (His lack of liking people has gotten much worse as he has gotten older.  We are not sure why, but he is much worse now than when this video was shot. :(  )  So, this girl and my son I guess hung out a lot, since they were "dating."  To set up the video, Mr. McFeely was visiting the local university and stopped by my son's daycare to visit the kids.  At first the kids were excited and then.....All hell broke loose. 

You can see the back of my son's head when the video first starts.  What's funny to us when we first saw was our son's response and what he does to his "girlfriend".  If you can, notice that my son pushes his girlfriend out of the way as he goes running.  Yeah, not a white knight by any means, but it made us laugh so so much. 

My aspie loves this video.  He wants to watch it all the time!  He started watching it the day I saw it, and when we heard it had made it to shows like Ellen, Tosh.O, ABC nightly news, Jimmy Kimmel Live, etc, people kept recording it and sending it to us to watch.  Every time he got more and more excited and wanted to see it more and more until finally we decided not to show him anymore so his head could fit through the doorway.  He thought it was cool he was on tv shows.  My husband, being my husband said, "Wow, I hope he didn't peak already with his fifteen minutes of fame!"  Great, honey, Great. 

So here it is, my son's famous flick..."The Purple Panda Video."  He could win an Oscar, right?!?

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