Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweets N' Sticks

Pretty soon BAM! (Bipolar, Asperger's and Margaritas!) is branching out and starting a little business adventure.  This week Sweets n' Sticks will be launched that will be an online blog/made-to-order website that will feature both easy to follow recipes for sweets that will be both delicious and  actually good for you as well! 

With my son's recent diagnosis with Asperger's I have been watching his gluten and dairy intake, which many families of autism loved ones do.  Unfortunately, most of the sweet treats that he loves are made of wheat and dairy.  Upon my quest to find new recipes that are gluten and dairy free, I have come to find that there are not too many out there. So, I tapped the shoulder of one amazing baker, my friend Jenn, to help me figure out this gluten free treat world.  In doing so, not only did we find that we can make many of our kids favorite treats gluten free but we decided why not hide (oh I mean add) some vitamins and minerals into them also to boost our kids immunity, brain power, and keep them overall healthy tikes!  With a few trial and errors, and a lot of dirty dishes, we are ready to finally launch our idea to the world, or at least who ever will read and/or purchase them. 

The website will include a blog with new gluten free recipes that we have tried and tested and are kid approved.  Even if you are not following a gluten free diet, we will post the old recipe as well, with hopefully some new twists to make them a little more healthy.  All treats we blog about can be made at your home and we will include a link to amazon with our shopping list already added.  If you are not a baker and live in the Pittsburgh area, no problem; click purchase and place your order for us to make and deliver to you!  It's that simple. 

The first treat we will be starting with are our chocolate covered rice crispy treats, featured here on this post.  Rice crispy treats are a favorite of both of my sons, and most the kids I know.  With a few easy modifications, we made them gluten free, delicious, and ready for my son's Valentines Day Party.  We also are going to try the Sponge Bob version for a birthday party extravaganza for our boys. 

I will announce the site launch through this blog and of course have a link to it here as well.  PLEASE leave any comments you have for ideas, suggestions, or anything at all to let me know what you guys think out there.  I will be going back to my normal writing about my crazy family tomorrow evening!  I can't decide to relive today's crazy morning or my husband need to purchase large items in the spring time!   Decisions, Decisions.....

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